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Vital Tips By Pandit for Grahpravesh pujan – Follow These

Believe or not, almost every individual dream to buy or build their own home these days. No space to disagree this. And there comes the matter of Grahpravesh pujan. After all, everyone wants their life starts in a new home on an auspicious day and also, welcome positive energies together. Housewarming ceremony or Grahpravesh pujan is a Hindu act of worshiping, undertaken ahead of moving to the new home. The believe is to protect the new house from negative energies.

Anyway, there are tips suggested by pandits for Grahpravesh pujan. In this blog, we will try to inform you about the most tips possible. So, let’s get started.

Tips to follow for griha pravesh poojan

Listed below are some tips by pandits for Grahpravesh pujan. Read thoroughly up to the end.

Tip #1: Breaking a coconut on griha pravesh is auspicious

You may have saw people breaking a coconut before setting foot in their home. Why so? That’s because people believe that this sanctifies the new home and also removes possible hurdles from the way of the new journey.

Tip #2: Put the right foot inside first

If you want to bring good fortune and prosperity in your home, you should enter your new house with the right foot first. Keep this easy, simple yet important tip in mind during griha pravesh.

Tip #3: Mango leaves & lemon string for griha pravesh

Hang a string made of lemons and mango leaves on the entrance of your home during the griha pravesh poojan. These are used since people believe that they possess the power of absorbing depressing energy.

Tip #4: Make a temple in the house

Consider making a temple in yhe new home on the day of your griha pravesh. According to Vastu, the temple need to be placed on the northeast zone of your house. Make sure to keep the images and idol of Gods facing the east direction of the house.

 Tip # 5: Play a Shankh during puja

When the Pooja rituals are going on blown a shankh with years full enthusiasm. Why? Well, it is best known for spreading distressing vibrations all around.

Hopefully, now you have got a lot information regarding griha pravesh poojan. So, without more confusion keep them in mind and book a pandit for griha pravesh poojan wisely.

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